Precision styli "Made in Germany"

Siebert Automation high quality styli ensure the highest accuracy throughout the entire production process. Due to the large number of options in materials and variants up to custom made products, we can supply you with styli for almost every application at a reasonable price and also at short notice. The production of the styli is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and “made in Germany” for the systems of leading manufacturers of coordinate instruments and gear measuring instruments.


Siebert Automation Quality
Uncompromising in terms of quality and performance, reasonable in price: with our own products, a gap is closed in the Siebert Automation range. Here you obtain reasonably priced alternatives and extensions to the original products of almost all current manufacturers.

The styli of Siebert Automation represent:
Best quality
Reasonable price
Fast delivery
Made in Germany

3D measuring machines
Processing centres
Measuring arms
Tool machines


100% compatibility:
We stock compatible styli for the measuring systems of the following manufacturers that are at least equal in quality and function to the originals.

Special solutions for special measurement tasks
In addition to the standard styli, Siebert Automation offers meaningful extensions, adapters, accessories as well as custom made solutions for a perfect stylus configuration for your measurement task.


Types of stylus and accessories:
Straight stylus
Disc stylus
Star stylus
Cylinder stylus
Custom made products according to your requirements


The styli from Siebert Automation are manufactured in various shaft materials for the most diverse measuring tasks. They enable reproducible results and exact process stability in production technology.

Shaft lengths:

From 5.0 mm to 475.0 mm

Shaft materials:

Light, for use in temperature stable measuring rooms.

Rigid for all standard applications in stable ambient temperatures.

Light and high strength material. For long stylus elements in higher temperature environments.

Carbon fibre
Light, high strength and stretch resistant and for highest process accuracy. Ideal for long stylus elements, extensions and complex stylus configurations. Recommended temperature range: 15°- 45°C.

High strength, the material strength is around 1100 N/mm², for the most exact measuring tasks, e.g. as reference stylus elements during adjustment.

Very light and high strength metal. Used for connections and extensions in many combinations and joined to each other in a high strength manner by means of modern laser welding processes at the connection points. For stylus configurations that require the highest stiffness and stability.


The balls of our styli are manufactured according to the spherical tolerance standard of precision class 5 or better of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (AFBMA). The result is a high precision and reliable measurement result. Our balls are mortised with the shaft and are additionally glued with a special procedure. By means of this we achieve the best stability and longest useful life.

Ball diameter (Ø):

From 0.2 mm to 30.0 mm

Ball materials:

Long lasting, smooth, pressure resistant and mechanically corrosion resistant sphere material in standard measuring applications.

Silicon nitride
Wear resistant ceramic material with extremely low surface roughness, which prevents adhesion of adhesive. It is, for example, not attracted by aluminium, so there is no abrasion of material on the surface of the ball during scanning.

Zirconium oxide
Material with special surface finish. In wear and hardness similar to ruby. Especially suitable for scanning abrasive surfaces such as cast iron components.

Stylus shapes other than balls are made of high strength steel or ceramic.


Connection thread:
M2 // Ø 3 mm
■ M3 // Ø 4 mm
■ M3 XXT // Ø 4 mm ( Zeiss)
■ M4 // Ø  7 mm
M5 // Ø 10 mm (Renishaw)
M5 // Ø 11 mm (Zeiss)
M5 // Ø 12 mm (Leitz)
M6 // Ø 16 mm
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