Comprising of more than 18 million rotary encoders and angle encoders and more than 6 million linear encoders, Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH is an internationally recognised and leading manufacturer and represents the qualitative development and production of linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, position indicators and numeric controls for demanding position tasks. The products of the company based in the Upper Bavarian town of Traunreut are predominantly used in highly developed machine tools and plants for the production and further processing of electronic components. In doing so, the traditional company lays the foundation for the automation of tomorrow’s plants and production machines using its comprehensive know-how in matters of development and production of measuring instruments and controls. The Heidenhain product portfolio is characterised by a long service life and design that is recycling friendly and spares natural resources.

As a specialist dealer with decades of experience Siebert Automation manages the entire Heidenhain range that includes measuring system, digital displays, control and drive technology. We repair discontinued and current components quickly and reliably and give advice on questions concerning spare parts identification, procurement, conversion or retrofitting and the development systems.

Siebert Automation provides the following services for Heidenhain


Service exchange

New- and Spare parts

Extensive Stock


6, 12 or 24 Month Warranty

The following products from Heidenhain are offered by  Siebert Automation

3D-Touch Probes and Laser Systems

Series: TL, TS, TT and accessories
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Angle Encoders

Series: ECA, ECN, ERA, ERM, ERN, ERO, ERP, MRP, RCN, ROC, ROD, RON, RPN, SRP and accessories
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CNC Controls

Series: CC, MC, LE, TNC and accessories
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Digital Readouts and Evaluation Electronics

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Inverter Systems

Series: UE, UEC, UM, UMC, UR, UV, UVR and accessories
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Length Gauges

Series: ACANTO (AT), CENTRO (CT), METRO (MT), SPECTRO (ST) and accessories
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Linear Scales

Series: LB, LC, LIC, LIDA, LIF, LIP, LF, LS, ULS and accessories
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Series: QAN, QSY and accessories

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Rotary Encoders

Series: EBI, ECI, ECN, EQI, EQN, ERN, ERO, IQN, RIC, RIQ, ROC, ROD, RON, ROQ and accessories
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Klartext – News from the world of Heidenhain controls


Klartext // Issue 65

– The new TNC 620 makes the touchscreen shop-floor capable
– Remote Desktop Manager – How to utilize data from the company network on the TNC control
– The TNC function AFC—Adaptive Feed Control—accelerates the trochoidal milling process

Klartext // Issue 64

– Connected Machining for uniformly digital order management
– Krenhof Werkzeugbau achieves high accuracies with the TNC 640
– Enhance product quality and boost productivity
– How accurately can you measure with a touch probe?